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General terms and conditions

Here you will find our general terms and conditions for our services.
  • The customer agrees that they cannot rent the equipment to a third party.
  • The customer agrees not to alter, tamper with or remove the equipment or any part of the installation from the address specified in the agreement/quotation.
  • The customer agrees to pay all costs of repairing any damage and the costs associated with replacing missing components.
  • If the equipment is destroyed beyond repair due to neglect, abuse, fire or natural disaster, the customer agrees to pay all costs.
  • Quotations given by RH Pumper contain what is described in the quotation. Costs from other external influences are not included in the quote.
  • Pump blockages can occur due to external foreign objects blocking pumps or pump inlets. This can lead to reduced pump performance.
  • RH Pumper’s monitoring is based on GSM and LTE signal. If this is not communicated, RH Pumper cannot be held responsible for the lack of information.
  • Offers are made based on current stock levels, if an offered pump is rented out to another party before an order is placed, RH Pumper undertakes to deliver one or more pumps to guarantee an equivalent performance.
  • The RH Pumper system may only be operated by RH Pumper employees or instructed persons under the guidance of RH Pumper.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the offer, the first month’s rent for the portal and pipes is included in the hiring price.