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RH Pumper A/S has good offices and workshop facilities and plenty of space for pumps, wells, pipes and other equipment. Only 2 kilometers away is the E20 highway, which provides good logistical conditions.

In May 2006, Rasmus Hansen founded RH Pumper A/S. The company started at home in the garage in Slots Bjergby, just outside Slagelse. 10 years before that, Rasmus worked in the engineering company P. Mogensen A/S, which among other things led the Pumpex brand. The Pumpex agency was then incorporated into RH Pumper A/S, and is still a big part of the story today.

In December 2007, RH Pumper A/S joined forces with another co-founder and together they founded Dansk Overpumpning. RH Pumper A/S was very engaged with overpumping and had a great understanding of the necessity of overpumping in the wastewater industry. With great drive and drive to scale the business, RH Pumper A/S was the mainstay of the collaboration. This is due to a technical background built up over many years in the pumping industry.

In 2008, RH Pumper A/S moved the company to larger premises at Kongstedvej 9 in Slagelse. RH Pumper A/S developed at a rapid pace, adding more brands and services. Overpumping gradually became a very large part of the RH Pumper A/S business concept.

In the summer of 2012, RH Pumper A/S had to move again due to lack of space and the property Kongstedvej 6-10 was purchased in a joint venture with a former business partner. This was in line with the rapid development that Rasmus Hansen was facing with RH Pumper A/S.

In 2017, Rasmus decided to go solo, allowing him to develop better and smarter solutions for overpumping. This resulted in Rasmus Hansen Holding selling its 50% share of the property Kongstedvej 6-10 and Dansk Overpumpning.

Immediately after the sale, RH Pumper A/S buys a large commercial property at Stenrøjlervej 1 in Slagelse. A new headquarters could now be established where all current services would be run from. In 2017, Rasmus Hansen Holding also founded the company RH Pumper AB in Sweden, from where the Swedish projects are operated and managed.

Today - RH Pumper A/S is now a rapidly developing company. RH Pumper A/S is a state-of-the-art company with a highly experienced workforce, and projects are always solved with passion and joy. We work with drive and innovative solutions, constantly striving to solve our customers' needs.

Over time, we have developed portable self-priming electric pumps with full monitoring. The monitoring is done with direct reference to our own monitoring system in Slagelse. In addition, we have developed gantries that are used when piping needs to cross roadways. All portals are approved for use throughout the Nordic region. We have created solutions where we have crossed up to 8 lanes of road in varying terrain.

As the demand for pumps and services continues to grow, so does the number of employees. This ranges from staffing service vehicles, buyers and engineers to project management.

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For further information, please contact our office by phone +45 5850 6065 or email info@rhpumper.com