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Overpumping in Malmö

In Malmö city center, RH Pumper A/S is assisting with overpumping in connection with a major sewer renovation project.

The overpumping is established with 300 mm PE pipes. In connection with the construction, a pipe portal with a height of 5.3 meters was installed. This is so that the transmission can cross a major approach road to Malmö city center. The pump-over has a length of approximately 400 meters with a capacity of >250 l/s.

The established overpumping takes place in densely populated areas. It’s therefore natural to choose electric pumps for the job. The electric portable self-priming pumps are developed by RH Pumps. The pumps are quiet and therefore do not cause any noise nuisance to local residents or the construction site. Secondly, choosing electric pumps is the most climate-friendly solution.

RH Pumps focuses on reliability, energy-efficient solutions and safety, which directly relates to the EU’s eco-design requirements.

Thanks for the effort to everyone involved!

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