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Flushing of process pipes

Major flushing of process pipes at Facebook's new data center in Odense.

In Odense East, Facebook is building five new server buildings. The buildings contain huge amounts of servers. These servers are tasked with managing the data and traffic that Facebook users generate through use of the platform, primarily in Europe.

RH Pumper A/S has received an inquiry about supplying pumps and expertise to carry out a large flushing of process pipes for cooling water in one of the server buildings.

A request we naturally approach with a solution-oriented approach!

In collaboration with Odense District Heating, Facebook has established a symbiosis that allows the return water from the servers to heat the houses of residents in Odense and the surrounding area. It is estimated that the return water can heat up to 11,000 households.

RH Pumper A/S has advised on how the flushing should be carried out. This is done through a technical description with associated documentation, a procedure RH Pumper A/S always uses.

The flushing is done by establishing a recirculating system using two large Pioneer pumps with a mounted collection filter.

During flushing, a high water velocity is created in the pipe. This ensures that all weld scale and foreign objects are removed from the pipes.

Flushing is important when installing new process piping, as 70 to 90 percent of all breakdowns are caused by foreign objects in the pipes.

Thank you for the great cooperation and commitment to all involved partners across nationalities.

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