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Major overpumping in Malmö

In Malmö city center, we are currently carrying out a large and extensive over-pumping. It is an extensive and complicated sewer renovation project.

The purpose of the over-pumping is to redirect the water while the main line is being renovated.

The Bypass line we have installed is a Ø500 mm pipeline that extends over 1300 meters. Seven portals with a height of 5.2 m are included so that traffic during the renovation can flow as smoothly as possible in the middle of the traffic hub. All portals are adjustable to compensate for terrain differences.

This is Stage 1 of the renovation, which will run for around 30 days. The 2nd stage must be carried out with 2 parallel Ø500 wires that extend over 1000 meters. The project is expected to be completed around August 1, 2022.

The established overpumping takes place in densely populated areas. That’s why electric pumps were chosen for the job. The electric, portable, self-priming pumps are developed by RH Pumps. They are quiet and therefore do not disturb local residents or the construction site. Secondly, choosing electric pumps is the most climate-friendly solution. The electric pumps regulate the output in line with the amount of water flowing in. In the event of a power failure, emergency generators will take over the power supply to prevent basement flooding and overflow

The over-pumping is monitored 24/7 via our electronic SRO-based control system, which is directly connected to our security team.

A big thank you to the skilled crew who worked throughout Pentecost to complete the transmission. It has been done with high spirits and great commitment.

Thank you for the great cooperation and commitment to all involved partners across nationalities and authorities!

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