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Here you’ll find all our popular quality brands.
Our brands are carefully selected with a focus on quality and reliability.


Pioneer pumps are among the most high-performance pumps on the market. Better flow, higher lift height, greater efficiency. Pioneer designs and delivers high-quality products.


Toyo manufactures heavy duty slurry pumps for extremely demanding applications. The pumps can handle up to 70% dry matter.

PX Flow

PX Flow is the leading brand in wastewater pumps. PX Flow has a large product portfolio that can be used widely in the industry.


Grindex Pumps are designed and sized for use in difficult and demanding conditions. Everything in sludge pumps and bilge pumps. All pumps are also available in 316 stainless steel.


Pemo Pumps makes extremely powerful slurry pumps. Everything in vertical, horizontal and submersible pumps.


Speroni is an Italian company that carries an incredibly large product range that caters to a myriad of industries.


SAER supplies pumps of different types. The pumps are available in a wide range of different models.

Fips & Zirantec

FIPS Zirantec has more than 30 years in the industry. Their product portfolio includes pumps for wastewater as well as industrial pumps of various kinds.

RH Pumper Engineering

RH Pumps continuously develops innovative controls and pump constellations. All this to constantly optimize reliability. We put a lot of energy into incorporating climate-friendly solutions into our development.


OMVE produces pipes and bends in a multitude of dimensions and shapes. All with the easy-to-use Quick Release System.

Gollmer & Hummel

Gollmer and Hummel are leaders in the production of hoses and fittings. Gollmer and Hummel deliver the best hoses on the market. The hoses are characterized by their unique weave, flexibility and minimal pressure loss.