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Pipe Cleaning and Flushing

We offer pipe cleaning and flushing of almost all types of pipes. Both new installations, but also older wiring.

At RH Pumper A/S, we offer climate-friendly pipe cleaning and flushing with years of experience in the industry. Our specialized team executes a wide range of solutions that can be adapted to each customer’s specific needs. We clean wastewater pipes, district heating pipes, process pipes, cooling pipes – the sky’s the limit. All old and newly installed pipes should be cleaned regularly.

Why pipe cleaning

There is a growing need for maintenance of wastewater pipes in Denmark. With climate change, cloudbursts and heavy rain events are more common than ever before. When heavy rainfall puts a strain on water pipes, it puts demands on the capacity of pipes and pumps.

In Danish municipalities across the country, there are thousands of pumping stations with kilometers of wastewater pipes. The clearance of an untreated wastewater pipe can easily be reduced by 5 to 20 percent or more. This means that the pumps in the system have to work up to 30 percent more to move the same volume.

This leads to an increased Co2 footprint and increased wear and tear on the pumps. Furthermore, it is a breeding ground for the development of hydrogen sulphide, which reduces the lifespan of concrete, but also causes odors.

Deposits such as sludge, manganese, ochre, etc. on the inside of the pipes contribute to reducing the lifespan and flow in the pipe. Our quiet and climate-friendly pipe cleaning improves both the capacity and lifespan of pipes and pumps, while reducing the carbon footprint. At RH Pumper A/S, we can offer a customized climate-friendly solution that fits your business or municipality’s needs.

Benefits of pipe cleaning

  • Provides improved efficiency
  • Removes foreign objects and deposits
  • Ensures the pipe always has the same clearance with regular cleaning
  • Less energy consumption, and therefore less CO2 emissions.
  • Extended lifespan of existing pipes and pumps
  • Improved reliability

At RH Pumper A/S, one of our most important tasks is to create value for our customers. There will be operational savings due to reduced energy consumption as the flow in the pipes improves. Localized flooding is likely to be minimized as the capacity is significantly improved.

Pipe cleaning with cleaning pig

We perform pipe cleaning using a technique where a cleaning pig is pushed through the pipe using water pressure. This water pressure is primarily created using our proprietary electric pumps.

The first part of the process is to map out which pipes need to be cleaned and their dimensions. This is important when it comes to choosing the right pigs and pump for the job.

The first pass is made by pushing a soft cleaning pig through the pipe. This is to identify the condition of the pipe.

Once the condition and sizing of the pipe is mapped, we use several different sizes of cleaning pigs and finally send a cleaning pig through with an oversize of 102 percent. Aim to send the cleaning pig at a speed of around 1 m/s. This is to have the optimal flushing effect during execution. In some cases, we use a GPS transmitter to pinpoint the location of the pig and its speed during execution.

When the cleaning pig is pushed through by the water pressure, deposits and dirt are removed. The cleaning grid used is available in different designs depending on the task at hand.

Flushing pipes

70 to 90 percent of all process plant breakdowns are caused by foreign objects in the pipes.

At RH Pumper A/S, we have extensive experience with pipe flushing. The technique involves pumping large volumes of water through the pipe under high pressure. This ensures that all foreign objects are flushed out of the pipe. The technique is often used in cooling and process pipes, but also in wastewater pipes.

When installing new process pipes, district heating pipes, water pipes, it is important that the system is flushed clean. Flushing the system ensures cleanliness in pipes and hoses, resulting in high reliability in both the short and long term. We recommend flushing for new installations, renovations and repairs to systems.

We aim for a water speed of 4 m/s or more during our flushing. We ensure this by preparing documentation and calculations for each individual flushing.

RH Pumper A/S offers flushing of all pipe dimensions and all types of systems. We also perform other pumping services.

Contact us

For further information, please contact our office by phone +45 5850 6065 or email info@rhpumper.com

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