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We perform all types of overpumping tasks. We use climate-friendly and quiet equipment with high reliability. All our overpumping is monitored.

Reliable, environmentally friendly and quiet overpumping is one of RH Pumper’s core competencies. We use the latest technology and the most secure communication equipment to monitor pumps and water levels for the benefit of both your operating budget and the environment.

RH Pumper performs all tasks within overpumping. Our pumping equipment and expertise ensure optimal reliability, occupational health and safety and the environment. Overpumping often requires backup pumps, 24-hour monitoring with alarms and a security system, which we provide as standard.

Overpumping with the latest technology

With the latest equipment, we ensure 24/7 monitoring of both pumps and water levels. To monitor overpumping, we always use remote monitoring (SRO), which ensures that we can always respond immediately in the unlikely event of alarms or error messages. The water level is logged regularly, so we can constantly monitor and document the effect of over-pumping. This ensures high reliability.

At RH Pumps, we have developed several electric self-priming and portable pumps that are environmentally friendly and quiet. They are highly reliable and reduce the cost of over-pumping. All in all, it’s a win-win for reliability, the environment and the economy.

For jobs where power is not available, we use diesel-powered pumps.

Overpumping according to your needs

Our specialized overpumping team solves all overpumping tasks of shorter or longer duration. Emergency or planned – We are happy to respond to all sizes of overpumping at any time of the day or night.

Once the overpumping is complete, we retrieve the equipment again. When the equipment arrives at our workshop, it is serviced, maintained, tested and cleaned. This ensures our equipment is always ready and reliable for the next job.

At RH Pumper, we take pride in delivering a complete solution with everything from documentation, to installation, to operation with high security around the clock.

With our broad and increasingly climate-friendly product portfolio, our focus is to create tailor-made solutions for over-pumping while offering quiet and climate-friendly over-pumping with significantly lower operating costs.

Contact us today for a no-obligation pump consultation – no matter the type, size or performance of the job.

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For further information, please contact our office by phone +45 5850 6065 or email info@rhpumper.com