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Pipe cleaning on the Blue Planet

Exotic fish in giant aquariums got clean pipes using pipe cleaning

RH Pumper A/S are experts in pipe cleaning tasks. The Blue Planet contacted us when they needed a pipe cleaning of their supply pipes to their large tanks containing exotic fish from all over the world. The task sounded exciting and with our expertise, we would be able to create the right solution.

The problem is that over time, the supply pipes become clogged with sand, mussels and similar foreign objects, which is why pipe cleaning was a necessity.

Through dialog with the National Aquarium Denmark – Den Blå Planet, we found the right solution for the job. Our specialized pipe cleaning team packed pumps and pipes and drove to the Blue Planet.

The job required a special solution, partly because the supply pipes run 1800 meters out into the Sound. This meant that we had to send divers out into the Sound to receive the cleaning pigs that we sent through the pipes. The divers could clearly see that significant amounts of foreign objects were coming out during the pipe cleaning.

When we arrived at Den Blå Planet, RH Pumper A/S set up the pumps and piping/transmission and started the pipe cleaning. After a few hours of work and the dispatch of 6 cleaning pigs, we were able to establish through dialog with the divers that the pipes had been cleaned, as no more foreign objects were coming out.

We finished so that the Blue Planet could open for guests at normal time.

An exciting project where it was clear that the pipe cleaning had an effect.

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