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At RH Pumper A/S, we know the importance of a common language with our suppliers, customers and business partners. That’s why we work actively with our ISO certifications.

At RH Pumper A/S, ISO management systems are part of everyday life. We are committed to actively complying with the principles and regulations of our certifications. We conduct regular staff meetings where we actively work with the PDCA wheel – plan, do, check, act. In many areas, our CSR policy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals go hand in hand with our ISO certifications.

ISO 14001 - The global environmental management standard

The most recognized standard for environmental management systems is ISO 14001. The purpose of the standard is to provide the overall framework for the company’s environmental policy. It is important to RH Pumper that we actively contribute with solutions that positively contribute to reducing the overall CO₂ footprint.

ISO 45001 - Health and safety at work

The standard requires RH Pumper A/S to be a healthy and safe workplace. We actively seek to optimize employee safety and well-being in the workplace. This is done through training, reporting and dialog with employees.

DS 21001 - Railway safety for contractors

This certification is a national standard that allows RH Pumper A/S to document to the transport sector in Denmark that we meet all the requirements of the standard, and on that basis can deliver services in accordance with the standard. In practice, this means that we can perform service and maintenance on pumps and pumping stations with reference to BaneDanmark.

Sellihca by Achilles - Nordic utilities' quality requirements

The global utilities industry is moving faster and faster. Increasingly stringent quality requirements and regulations are continuously being imposed on new technologies.

In addition to our ISO certifications, we are listed as a supplier in the European tendering scheme issued by Achilles. The certification is used by the Nordic utilities sector, which continuously monitors and qualifies suppliers to the utilities industry.