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RH Pumper Engineering

RH Pumps continuously develops innovative controls and pump constellations. All this to constantly optimize reliability. We put a lot of energy into incorporating climate-friendly solutions into our development.

Over many years in the industry, RH Pumper has developed and designed innovative solutions and aids for the pump and wastewater industry. We have a strong focus on climate-friendly solutions and are constantly looking to optimize our current products.

Portable self-priming electric pumps

Based on years of experience withcomplicated RH Pumper has developed portable, self-priming electric pumps. The pumps are available in several different sizes depending on the nature of the task.

We use the electric pumps for all over-pumping and pumping tasks wherever possible. This is because they are the most climate-friendly pumps we have. The pumps are CE marked and approved for use in densely populated areas. The pumps are quiet and designed to take up minimal space. All pumps come with documentation and CE marking. The pumps are easily and smoothly used for overpumping, but can also be used for other pumping tasks.

Frequency regulated with control

Over the years, RH Pumps has designed and developed pump controllers for our portable self-priming electric pumps. The pumps consist of a pump controller that is synchronized with the frequency converter. This makes it possible to frequency regulate the pump, thereby controlling the flow and head of the pump. In practice, this means that we can regulate the pump according to the inflow to the pump. This allows the pump to be regulated so that it only uses the amount of power it needs.

Full SRO Monitoring

RH Pumper continuously innovates the SRO monitoring for our self-priming electric pumps and balloons so that the monitoring of pumps and shut-off balloons works in the best possible way. Continuous development ensures that the systems are as user-friendly as possible. The security staff is connected to our monitoring and 24-hour support. This ensures optimum peace of mind for our customers. It will be possible to receive daily reports that can be used as documentation for backward-looking operations.


Based on our experience, RH Pumper has developed its own portals for routing piping over roads and the like where over-pumping is performed. The portals are approved for use at home and abroad. We have several times solved jobs where we have overpumped both 3 and 6 lane roads.

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For further information, please contact our office by phone +45 5850 6065 or email info@rhpumper.com