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Gollmer & Hummel

Gollmer and Hummel are leaders in the production of hoses and fittings. Gollmer and Hummel deliver the best hoses on the market. The hoses are characterized by their unique weave, flexibility and minimal pressure loss.

The German company Gollmer and Hummel has more than 150 years of experience in the market and is now run by the fifth generation.

Due to Gollmer and Hummel’s many years in the industry, Gollmer and Hummel have helped develop the quality hoses that characterize the market today. Their product portfolio ranges from fire hoses, industrial hoses and hoses for the agricultural sector. In addition to their hoses, Gollmer and Hummel also manufacture a wide range of fittings.

One of the characteristics of Gollmer and Hummel hoses is that a special weave and rubber composition is used in production to ensure high strength and maximum flow. Gollmer and Hummel hoses and fittings are produced in Germany. During production, continuous checks are carried out to ensure the highest quality products.

Yellow Progress Supply hose

The specially woven design guarantees an extremely strong and flexible hose. The weave is completely embedded in the rubber compound, giving the hose a high level of protection against mechanical damage and wear. All in all, an incredibly strong hose that lives up to expectations. All hose dimensions are stocked at RH Pumps

Titan Snakes

The first choice if you want a standard strong and robust fire hose. The Titan hose is made of high-strength multifilament polyester yarn, circularly woven with twill weave, which makes it resistant to e.g. Seawater, Ozone, UV and a wide range of chemicals.

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