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PX Flow

PX Flow is the leading brand in wastewater pumps. PX Flow has a large product portfolio that can be used widely in the industry.

PX Flow has more than 50 years of experience in pump design, production and service.

Pumps from PX Flow have oversized shafts, bearings, seals and motors. This contributes to the pumps having an extremely long lifespan. This is an important factor that positively contributes to optimal reliability.

The history of the PX Flow pump goes back to the well-known Swedish brand Pumpex, which was acquired in 2004. To this day, spare parts for a wide range of Pumpex pumps are still available through RH Pumps.

The pumps meet the highest quality standards and take into account environmental impact both during use and in production. PX Flow offers some of the most robust and energy-efficient pumps on the market.

The process, from design to manufacturing, is closely monitored. Each pump is quality tested and documented. PX Flow pumps are known for their serviceability, high quality and extremely high reliability.

Make no mistake, the PX Flow pump is a great wastewater pump!

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