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Overpumping the main sewer

Wastewater from Valby and Frederiksberg flows into the main sewer, which had to be re-routed due to new construction on the corner of Carsten Niebuhrs Gade and Bernstorffsgade (the old postal terminal).

The volume of wastewater to be overpumped varied from about 0.4 m3/second to 2 m3/second. A total of 1276 meters ø 500 pipes were installed, divided into 4 parallel lines.

The overpumping was primarily run with self-priming electric pumps, which were combined with diesel-powered pumps for increased flow. From when the pumps were turned on to when the new 200-ton sewer line was ready and the pumps were turned off, it took 16-18 days.

We solve all tasks within overpumping

Our pumping department solves all pumping tasks of shorter or longer duration. We deliver, commission, monitor – and pick up the equipment again when the job is done.

Overpumping – more than 1,000 liters per second, backup pumps, high water alarm via SMS, advanced control, 24-hour monitoring and on-call service, etc.

We are one of the few companies in Denmark with the equipment and expertise to solve all types of overpumping tasks.

SRO/Remote monitoring is standard for all electric and motorized pump overpumps

With SRO monitoring (Control Regulation Monitoring), you can use the log to see how many times the pump has started and when during the day, as well as the total pumping time for each pump over a 24-hour period.

The individually configurable overview allows you to follow the status of the pumps, any alarms and set the curve overview as desired.

All information can be exported for use in reports and statistics etc.

Overpumping in connection with the lining of wastewater pipes in utility sectors is one of our strong competencies.

We’ve done a lot of exciting overpumping jobs in the sock lining process. From small pumping jobs with sludge pumps down to just 2″ to the largest and most complicated overpumping jobs. Here we have crossed both rail and highway with multiple transmissions on 650 mm pipes and outputs of over 1100 liters per second.

Previously, we did all overpumping with self-priming motor pumps. Today, we have made electric self-priming wastewater pumps, which is cheaper and the overpumping causes less noise pollution.

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