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Barrier balloons

Many jobs require sealing off the piping systems. We only use certified barrier balloons and work with safety as our top priority.

When repairing and refurbishing pipes, it may be necessary to seal off the pipe itself. For this, a so-called containment balloon is used. Through many years of experience, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and know-how in deploying balloons for water and sewer work. All our barrier balloons are certified and we guarantee that they are leak-proof, tested and can withstand the pressure they are rated for. The choice of containment balloon takes into account the type of media to be contained, e.g. chemistry, heat and cold, etc. but also the design of the pipe.

Tube balloons and their function:

Barrier balloons are also known as pipe balloons or barrage balloons. They are used to seal off water and sewer pipes. The balloons are used to prevent water, gases and debris from entering the pipe. Most often used for repairs and refurbishments where the need for a blockade is present.

Safety is a top priority

When working with containment balloons, safety is one of the most important things. As a general rule, you should never be near a containment balloon that is in operation and inflated. The barrier balloons have a maximum pressure and a maximum back pressure. It is therefore important to always use certified and approved balloons and pressure gauges. At RH Pumper A/S, we have developed our own air pressure gauges, which are part of our SRO system. This ensures that we can always keep an eye on the pressure in the containment balloons for everyone’s safety

Preparing the barrage balloon

It is important that the correct type of balloon is used for the job. That’s why pre-task preparation is important to us. We determine the diameter of the tube where the balloon will be used. Next, it’s important to find out what back pressure can be expected on the balloon. Once this is in place, it’s time for the tube to be cleaned and the balloon to be inflated with the correct pump pressure.

We always adapt our equipment to the scope of the job, and we are happy to tailor a solution that fits your specific task. We are experts in pump services, so you’ll always be in safe hands with us.

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