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RH Pumper Academy

Over the years, RH Pumper A/S has built up a high level of expertise in the pump and wastewater industry. What is knowledge worth if it’s not shared?

Our Academy is based on RH Pumper’s understanding of the importance of being constantly evolving and in touch with current trends. Therefore, RH Pumper A/S now offers interested parties a competence boost in theory and technical knowledge about pumps.

The purpose of our academy is, among other things, to provide interested parties with a higher technical and theoretical understanding of how pumps work and to create a common language.


From time to time, RH Pumper A/S invites our business partners to visit the company. This is to provide up-to-date knowledge and insight into the latest technology in the pumping industry and overpumping.

It adds value to the understanding of overpumping and pumping solutions. The solutions are created using RH Pumper’s innovative and technical approach, which focuses on operation, safety, environment and economy.

By participating, you can expect a return in.

  • Higher reliability
  • Better troubleshooting
  • Better communication
  • Better understanding of the theory


Internally, RH Pumper A/S uses the academy to continuously work on improving our standardized routines that are linked to our ISO certifications. These certifications go hand in hand with our CSR policy.

The reassessments and improvements are made through the basic principle of the PDCA wheel (plan, do, check, act). Internally in the company, we continuously improve the skills of our employees through training and company visits.

Part of something bigger

Based on our approach to innovation, RH Pumper A/S has for a number of years collaborated with several different educational institutions, where different tasks have been set for the students. The focus has always been on a win/win mentality where everyone should get something out of the collaboration.

This contributes to RH Pumper A/S continuously gaining insights into current trends and new perspectives on the pump industry.

In the long term, RH Pumper A/S will conduct theme days in connection with the pump industry.