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Delivery of submersible pump for extensive harbor dredging project.

RH Pumper supplies TOYO DP100 pump with associated technical solution for harbor dredging.

Port dredging project in the Port of Kalundborg. The port must be dredged, which requires moving more than 40,000 cubic meters of sand from the seabed.

The TOYO DP100 pump is mounted on a crane arm and then lowered to the seabed. The flexibility of the solution lies in the fact that the crane arm is mounted on a floating barge that can be moved around the harbor basin. The piping to the grommet floats on the water using 2 floats mounted on each pipe.

The TOYO DP100 Pump is an extremely powerful submersible pump. The pump is designed to work with heavy and abrasive media. The pump can pump with a very high dry matter content of up to 60%, with particles up to 120 mm. The pump on this project is powered by a 250 kWh generator

This pump is designed with a unique Toyo patented agitator system. The function of the agitator is to mix sand/seabed with water so that it enters the pump and is then pumped up.

RH Pumper thanks for the good cooperation and close dialog. We look forward to following the project!

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