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Overpumping in connection with repairing pipe damage.

The purpose of over-pumping is to redirect the water while the damage to the main line is repaired.

The bypass line that RH Pumper has established is 2 pcs. DN500 pipes. The pipeline has a length of 200 meters and contains a portal of 20 meters. This is to avoid inconveniencing cyclists and pedestrians.

The booster pump has a capacity of 1000 l/s with an attached backup system.

The established overpumping takes place in densely populated areas. That’s why electric pumps were chosen for the job. The electric, portable, self-priming pumps are developed by RH Pumps. They are quiet and therefore do not disturb local residents or the construction site. Secondly, choosing electric pumps is the most climate-friendly solution. The electric pumps regulate the output in line with the amount of water flowing in.

A big thank you to the skilled crew who set up the overpumping – internal and external.

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