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Toyo manufactures heavy duty slurry pumps for extremely demanding applications. The pumps can handle up to 70% dry matter.

Toyo has more than 60 years of experience in the pump industry. Toyo has developed a range of pumps where imagination and technological advances go hand in hand.

Toyo pumps are characterized by their high reliability. Toyo’s ambitious vision with the heavy duty pumps is to offer reliable pumps to the industry to avoid downtime. This makes you more competitive as a company. The product range consists of more than 135 models, in variants from 0.75 – 130 KW.

The pumps are designed by an in-house team of engineers and then manufactured at Toyo’s factory in Japan, where Toyo is also  headquartered.

Toyo is a world-renowned pump brand, especially in the harshest industries such as concrete plants, gravel pits, incinerators, power plants and other demanding industries. They are particularly suitable for tough applications where other pump manufacturers have to give up. Toyo pumps have an exceptionally long lifespan – even in harsh environments.


The patented agitator is located outside the actual pump housing. Toyo pumps are capable of releasing liquids and solids in almost any concentration and size (e.g. mud, gravel, sand, shells, rocks, etc.) Toyo pumps can achieve continuous pumping of sludge in a concentration of up to 70% solids.

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