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Complete overpumping at Separation Project

RH Pumper performs overpumping in connection with the development of a new urban district in Brøndby.

Brøndby Municipality is in the process of building a new urban district in Kirkebjerg Business Park. The district will be transformed from a commercial area to a vibrant neighborhood with green spaces. The area will contribute approximately 2,000 homes, primarily in multi-storey buildings and terraced houses. The overall project is expected to take place over the next 10 years.

In connection with the project, an extensive separation project must be carried out.

RH Pumper A/S has established overpumping with 2 x 300mm electric pumps and 2 x 200 mm pumps. The pumping station has a length of 150 meters and is established with 2 parallel pipes, which also includes a 24 meter pipe portal. The booster pump can handle up to 1000 l/s during normal operation.

The established overpumping takes place in densely populated areas. That’s why electric pumps were chosen for the job. The electric, portable, self-priming pumps are developed by RH Pumps. They are quiet and therefore do not disturb local residents or the construction site.

Secondly, choosing electric pumps is the most climate-friendly solution. The over-pumping is designed to automatically adjust the pump performance according to the inflow of water. All of this is managed electronically by our in-house developed software, which is directly connected to our SRO monitoring and security team. In addition, backup generators are installed in case of a power failure. RH Pumper has a strong focus on financial responsibility. Our electric self-priming pumps and software ensure the most climate-friendly and reliable solutions.

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