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Renovation of pumping stations

Bornholms Spildevand was responsible for overpumping on several complex projects.

During the summer and fall of 2023, Bornholms Spildevand modernized and renovated several pumping stations on Bornholm.

RH Pumper was asked if we could support with over-pumping the pumping stations while the renovation was taking place. We had a thorough physical review of the individual overpumps. This is to uncover solutions and focus points for the task solution.

A constellation was discussed where Bornholms Spildevand itself was responsible for the overpumping through the use of our user-friendly electric self-priming pumps – which we thought was a very sensible idea. Through good sparring and dialog, RH Pumper and Bornholms Spildevand designed the pumping stations.

Easy and smooth installation through hands-on training.

The first overpumping to be installed was a joint effort. This allowed Bornholms Spildevand to see how the physical installation would take place and how the control system would be set up. It has always been important to RH Pumper that our over pumping equipment is user-friendly and reliable.

Electric self-priming pumps.

We use the electric self-priming pumps for all over-pumping and pumping tasks wherever possible. This is because they are the most climate-friendly pumps we have. The pumps are CE marked and approved for use in densely populated areas. The pumps are quiet and designed to take up minimal space. All pumps come with documentation and CE marking. The pumps are easily and smoothly used for overpumping, but can also be used for other pumping tasks.

Frequency regulated with control.

Over the years, RH Pumps has designed and developed pump controllers for our portable self-priming electric pumps. The pumps consist of a pump controller that is synchronized with the frequency converter. This makes it possible to frequency regulate the pump, thereby controlling the flow and head of the pump. In practice, this means that we can regulate the pump according to the inflow to the pump. This allows the pump to be regulated so that it only uses the amount of power it needs.

Thank you for a great and strong collaboration to everyone involved in the projects! If you have a similar project where you want to do the pumping yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re ready to design the pump-over and you set it up yourself.

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