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Major overpumping in North Zealand.

RH Pumper performs overpumping at Lundtofte Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The water in the inlet needs to be pumped over, as it requires extensive renovation and modernization of the grate, inlet pumps and much more.

The flow in the inlet varies from 300 l/s to 1800 l/s. To transport the amount of water, 4 parallel Ø500 pipes are laid out. In order not to be a nuisance on the construction site, 2 gantries have been set up.

The installation is very compact due to consideration of the locals’ movement in the area. This has placed great demands on the piping and the installation of the overpumping.

Two Ø1400 mm barrier balloons are installed in the inlet to block the water, so that the inlet is dry after the balloon is deflated – and the work can be carried out safely.

Overpumping focuses on high reliability as there is no room for back-up pumps. This places high demands on the overall design of the overpumping.

The over-pumping is monitored 24/7 via our electronic SRO-based control system, which is directly connected to our security team.

RH Pumper is a solution-oriented company that works closely with consultants, clients and contractors. This ensures a broad and constructive collaboration for the overall solution.

If you need pumping work, you are always welcome to contact RH Pumper.

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