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Overpumping in connection with separate sewerage.

RH Pumper performs climate-friendly overpumping in connection with separate sewerage in Glamsbjerg.

Assens Water Utility performs separate sewerage in Glamsbjerg. Rain and wastewater are divided into two pipes. This is to establish a future-proof – but also climate-friendly – water and wastewater drainage system.

RH Pumper A/S has established overpumping with 3 150mm electric pumps and 1 motor pump as backup. The pump-over has a length of 150 meters and is established with 2 parallel pipes Ø200 and Ø150.

To handle the rainwater, 2 electric pumps have been installed with a combined capacity of 400 m3/h. The wastewater is handled by 1 x 150 mm electric pump and a motor pump as a backup in case of supply failure.

The established overpumping takes place in densely populated areas. That’s why electric pumps were chosen for the job. The electric, portable, self-priming pumps are developed by RH Pumps. They are quiet and therefore do not disturb local residents or the construction site. The over-pumping is designed to automatically adjust the pump performance according to the inflow of water. All of this is managed electronically by our in-house developed software, which is directly connected to our SRO monitoring and security team. Our electric self-priming pumps and software ensure the most climate-friendly and reliable solutions on the market.

Follow the project at Assens Forsyning https://www.assensforsyning.dk/projekter/kloakseparering-i-glamsbjerg

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