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Reliable overpumping at Biofos

RH Pumps performs overpumping in connection with the renovation of aeration tanks at BioFos.

BioFos is undergoing an extensive renovation of their aeration tanks. It is expected that the renovation will have a large energy saving in the future.

RH Pumper has established an overpumping system with 2 x 300mm electric pumps.

With RHPumper’s electric self-priming pumps, Biofos achieves optimal and climate-friendly overpumping. The overpumping is fully SRO monitored and in direct contact with our security team.

RH Pumper focuses on reliability, energy-efficient solutions and safety.

We wish you good luck with the renovation – we look forward to following the project.

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For further information, please contact our office by phone +45 5850 6065 or email info@rhpumper.com



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