Choice of suppliers

The choice of pumps for industrial use requires professional advice and knowledge to find the right pump to solve your task. We know suppliers on a global basis and have selected the best to work with.

We know that using pumps in industry is a complex issue, and RH Pumper is your professional partner and supplier of professional pump solutions in business. We have many years’ experience within our business secto, and have supplied pumps to nearly all sectors.

We are renowned for our services and our unique products. We take great honour in advising you and your technical staff so you are acquainted with the best possibilities to achieve the optimal solution- You will receive the absolute best, with the most reliable and economically advantageous lifetime for your pumps without any problems in your own daily operations or during particularly difficult pumping tasks.

RH Pumper offer advice and guidance in choosing the right solution 
- whether you are wanting to pump thick slurry during construction work, subassemblies in the production of medicines or plastic goods or anything else.