PX Flow waste water pumps

The PX Flow pumps come standard with 3-fold mechanical shaft seals assembled in the housing. They have oversized shafts and bearings contributing to the pumps realiability. PX Flow sewage pumps have thermo sensors in the motor windings and the motor stops when the temperatures exceed safe parameters.

The pump is cooled by cooling fluid which circulates around the motor. Between the two upper shaft seals, there is a small impeller on the pump shaft which ensures that the cool fluid circulates around it and removes heat from the motor. The shaft seal is assembled very compactly and the lower bearing is mounted very close to the suction and ensuring passage throug the impeller or other various impellers, 1 channel, 2 channel or 3 channel impeller with large flow-through.

As an alternative to the channel impeller, the PXFlow can supply a vortex impeller with a high efficiency and proves to be the best choice. No vibrations, no clogging (Clock-free) and no adjustments. Assessments show that this pump offers the cheapest solution.

2 poles 3000 rpm:

4 poles 1500 rpm:

6 poles 1000 rpm.:

8 poles 750 rpm.:

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