Self-priming sewage pumps from PXFlow and Pioneer

PAPANTONATOS S.A has developed and produced the high quality watertight submersible PXFlow pumps for more than 45. PXFlow pumps are known for their great reliability, being environmentally friendly and having a long life.

RH Pumper always supply PXFlow pumps with new high-efficiency electromotors from 2 KW. to 195 KW. Furthermore we construct pumps mounted in frames and assemble a self-priming system which facilitates bypass pumping.

Pioneer is also a known brand within the pumping industry. Pioneer have been supplying pumps through their distribution network globally since 1998. They are renowned for their innovative supply and their high standards in respect of materials and innovation.

With a Pioneer pump solution you are guaranteed a pump which lives up to the high demands which exist within industrial scale pumping. This is just why we use various Pioneer pumps as they are renowned for their durability and great reliability.

See all the fact sheets from PXFLow with curves HERE and all the fact sheets on pumps from Pioneer HERE

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PXFlow pumps for sewage management and industry

The PXFlow pumps come standard with 3-fold mechanical shaft seals assembled in the housing. They have oversized shafts and bearings which means that these pumps have a very long life time. PXFlow sewage pumps all have thermo sensors in the motor windings which means that the motor stops when the temperatures exceed safe parameters.

The pump is cooled by cooling fluid which circulates around the motor. Between the two upper shaft seals there is a small impeller on the pump shaft which ensures that the cool fluid circulates around it and removes heat from the motor. The shaft seal is assembled very compactly which means that the lower bearing sits very low down in the pump.

The impeller is assembled close to the lowest bearing and is only separated by the shaft seal. Various impellers: 1 channel, 2 channel or 3 channel wheels with large flow-through.

As an alternative to the challel wheel impeller, the PXFlow can supply a vortex impeller with an efficiency which proves to be the best choice. No vibrations, no clogging (Clock-free) and no adjustments. Assessments show that this pump offers the cheapest operation.

PX Flow - Papantonatos