Research and Design

Speroni products are created as a result of careful design and severe technical controls.Each prototype is subjected to a long series of controls in the testing room to prove the reliability of the innovative solutions that are studied during the design phase. Duration tests for hundreds of hours of continual operation in extreme conditions provide important information for the completion of the final version of the prototype, which then goes on to the next stage of industrialisation.

Production of electric pumps and electric motors

Innovation and technology are the constants of our production.

If the modernisation of recent years has had a profound effect in the design and testing centres, the innovation introduced in the manufacturing plant is just as remarkable . This has resulted in a quick and flexible way of working, which enables SPERONI to be an extremely elastic company, able to fulfil the great volumes of demand that are typical of the worldwide market of “large-scale distribution”, with naturally no loss in quality of the product.

Quality control

As renewal is the aim of SPERONI, quality is an ongoing commitment that governs its activity on all levels.

Methodical and constant control and testing of every phase in the company’s activity, from the purchasing of raw materials to the end product, are an essential prerequisite of quality. Sophisticated equipment has been introduced for dimensional, electrical, hydraulic and safety checks.

LC - Speroni - RH Pumper
LN Curve -Speroni - RH Pumper



Centrifugal single impeller gasoline hand-carry motor pump. Particularly suitable to supply and distribute clean water for agricoltural and gardening purposes, when an electrical connection is not possible.
OPERATING CONDITIONS- Liquid temperature up to 35°C
(for home use according to EN 60335-2-41)
Temperature max. liquid: 35°C (for other uses)
- Ambient temperature up to 40°C


- r.p.m. 3600
- Start system recoil
- Tank capacity 3,6 lt


- Pump body: Cast Iron
- Motor Support: Cast Iron
- Impeller: Brass
- Mechanical seal: Ceramic
- Graphite/NBR


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