Gear pumps for viscous liquids

Victor gear pumps type R are used for liquids of any viscosity - including solvents, chocolate and bitumen. The liquid may be lubricating or non-lubricating and may contain abrasive particles such as color pigments.


Viscous liquids
Constant capacity
Constant non-pulsating flow
Long life
Victor gear type R pumps are used in industries that work with petrochemicals, paints and resins, soap and detergent, food and chocolate and paper. In short, all industries dealing with viscous liquids with high viscosity requirering a stable gear pump.


The capacity is directly proportional to the speed
Non-pulsating constant flow - therefore no vibrations in fittings, valves or coupling
No foaming or churning of the liquid
Only one shaft seal or magnetic coupling
Embedded heat dissipation jacket in the house
Full performance in both directions
The cabinet can be rotated and supplied with 90 ° or 180 ° connection
Pressure valve built into the pump
Heavy-duty construction - long service interval

Technical data

Size: DN40 to DN250 (1½ "to 10")
Capacity: up to 100 liters / sec (6000 liters / min, 360 m3 / h)
Max. differential pressure: 16 bar (230 PSI)
Viscosity: more than 100,000 mm² / s (cSt)
Temperature: from -60 ° C to +300 ° C