PX Flow pumps for wastewater and industry in general

The PX Flow pumps are standard with 3 double mechanical shaft seal mounted in a cartridge. They have oversized axles and bearings allowing the pumps to have a long service life. PX Flow wastewater pumps have all thermo sensors in the motor windings which make the engine stop at a too high a temperature.

The cooling of the pump is done by circular coolant around the engine. Between the top two shaft seals, a small impeller is mounted on the impeller, which ensures that the coolant circulates and removes heat from the engine. The shaft seal is very compact, which means that the lower bearing is very far down the pump.

The impeller is mounted close to the lower bearing separated only by the shaft seal. Different impellers 1 channel, 2 channel or 3 channel wheels with large free passage.

Alternatively for channel wheels, PXFlow offers a deterable vortex impeller, which is the best choice. No vibrations, clock-free  and no adjustments. The overall assessment shows that this pump provides the cheapest operation.

PX Flow brochure
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Technical datasheets with specifications and performance curves:

2 pole 3000 rpm:

4 pole 1500 rpm:

6 polished 1000 rpm:

8 polished 750 rpm: