Vertical sludge pumps from Metso

Vertical sludge pumps from Metso include the latest and widest range of rubber-lined cast iron sludge pumps for any application. They always focus on optimizing the life span and efficiency of the individual pump.

The vertical pumps are durable and have a long service life, as well as an industry standard for integrated pump design. Their innovative product design and wide knuckle-shapeable range of products help reduce costs while working effectively to further reduce operating costs.

  • Possibilities for the design of rubber and metal
  • Flexible design in an integrated device
  • Different "Wet End" settings


  • Fully replaceable wear parts
  • Innovative cantilever design protects bearings and shaft seals from immersion
  • Low speed and high main capacity
  • Reduce pulsation and vibration

Extension of operating time and efficiency in sludge pumping

The metso vertical pumps are of high quality with integrated pump design and have properties that make the operating time longer even with abrasive sludge. The innovative design and wide product range help reduce operating costs.

Vertical sump pumps - vertical sludge pumps from Metso -

Ideal for pumping

  • Ground sludge
  • Production waste, pulp and paper
  • Woodchips
  • Mixing materials
  • Airtight pumping
  • Mixed concrete

Advice, sale and service of sludge pumps

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