Robust sludge pumps from Metso

All Metso sludge pumps are designed specifically for abrasive sludge, have a functionally robust design and are easy to maintain. Based on the old SALA pumps, the design is based on the old SALA pumps and Metso Type VS is the next generation of heavy duty sludge pumps and is some of the strongest, most solid and reliable on the market, used worldwide.

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  • Simple installation
  • Free-bearing design without lowered bearings or shaft seal
  • Bearings assembled with double packing protection to prevent the penetration of sludge
  • The used materials are the best on the market and have both excellent wear properties and corrosion resistance
  • Wear parts are available in a variety of materials and are fully interchangeable
  • Selection of impellers


  • Various materials, including synthetic rubber and polyurethane.
  • "Wet end" types S, A, W and C
  • Base plate / mounting plate and outlet tube
  • Suction pipe / filter
  • Extended frame


  • Standard vertically mounted upward shaft
  • Raised engine mount
  • Direct line drive

Simple installation

It is possible to hang the smaller sludge pumps down the abrasive sludge using the included lifting bar. Larger units are usually bolted to a permanent base plate. To facilitate availability and protection, the pump bearings are placed in a pump housing above the base plate. All pumps can run dry and there is the possibility to increase the length of the bearings under the base plate.


Type O – The semi-open impeller handles solid particles better than the closed scooter.

Type W –Vorteximpor for clogging-free pumping of long fibres or coarse solids.

Type WFR – Fully recessed vortex impeller.

Type C - Closed impeller for higher lifting height and efficiency.

Type A – Straw impeller and sturdy extended axle with sludge agitator.

Type S - Volute with spray holes.


Performance up to 1,500 m3/h - 6,000 USGPM

Lifting height up to 40 m - 130 ft

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