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SAER centrifugal pumps have over 60 years of experience 

SAER is a leading International Italian company producing centrifugal pumps and drill pipe pumps. SAER are specialists in the water sector, offering innovative solutions at the highest level. Using advanced design and constant research and development activities, they produce and deliver their high Italian quality products quickly and safely throughout the world.

Applications of centrifugal pumps and submersible engines are many.

SAER Pumps are sold in Denmark by RH Pumper , we create reliable tailored solutions that are able to meet every need, in many different industries:

  • Civil
  • Agriculture
  • withdrawal from the underground
  • Mining
  • oil and gas
  • water treatment.

SAER centrifugal pumps are first class, with everything from axle, seals moldings of the absolute highest quality, and delivered in cast iron, stainless steel and bronze at highly competitive price. They have a wide range: than suction, inline and split case pumps, and they come both as bareshaft or close coupled solution. SAER has a large central warehouse in Italy and can deliver immediately.

Centrifugal pumps:

  • In-Line pumps from DN50 to DN500 from 1.5 KW onwards
  • End-Suction pumps from DN50 to DN400 from 1.0 KW onwards
  • Split-Case pumps from DN80 to DN600 from 25.0 KW up

Material selections and compositions of respectively stainless steel aisi 316, bronze or cast iron give you the optimal solution when you need to buy a new pump for production. RH Pumper the pump with pump curve curve, revolutions and material selection, all documentation required is supplied originally from RH Pumper with software from SAER pumps.

The pumps ready to be mounted on where a pump with standard flanges has previously been fitted. They are made with standard dimensions and axle height and fit with other standard pumps

Flow pressure and revolutions are simply regulated with a frequency converter and an optimized operation is achieved with the lowest possible energy consumption. This regulation optimizes the pump's lifespan and reduces CO2 emissions.

Download catalogs:

Both are large files.

NCB-X - stainless

NCB-M - marine bronze

NCB-K cast iron

NCB-Z - bareshaft pump with engine on base frame complete

NCB-ZX - stainless steel bareshaft pump with engine on bottom frame complete