Different types of centrifugal pumps

Our pumps are available in many models, variants and materials, but can generally be categorized according to two operating principles: positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps.

Centrifugal pumps are used for many purposes in industry, district heating, water supply and properties:

  • Centrifugal pumps / circulators pumps are used to circulate water in closed installations, such as in the air conditioning for cooling and hot water for heating (district heating)
  • Pressure increases that increase water pressure in a plant and used as condensate pumps for steam
  • Water supply pumps are usually used to deliver water from wells and are available both dry and submerged
  • Some centrifugal pumps are used exclusively for industrial processes. These include industrial pumps and wastewater pumps
  • sewage pumps have several different types of impellers. Closed duct wheels, screw wheels, semi open impellers and fully open retracted wheels. The fully open retracted impeller (free-wheelwheel) provides the most reliable pump for wastewater. Screw wheels are associated with many costs of adjustments, channel wheels and semi open wheels have a significant tendency to blocks or totally clog. These impellers are therefore very expensive to keep in operation.

The centrifugal pump was invented by physicist Denis Papin in the 1600s, and today, it is the most commonly used pump type.

The centrifugal pump is based on a simple principle: the liquid enters the centre of the impeller and is flung towards the periphery of the impeller using the centrifugal force. The construction is cheap and robust, and with the high speed of the impeller, it is possible to connect the pump directly with an asynchronous engine. The centrifugal pump provides a smooth flow of liquid and can be easily controlled with a frequency converter.

The figure shows the flow of the liquid through the pump. The pump inlet takes the liquid into the middle of the rotating runner, from where it is flung towards the periphery. This construction is very efficient and suitable for handling clean liquids.

Pumps for handling impure liquids such as wastewater pumps are equipped with a runner, which is specially designed to prevent objects from getting stuck inside the pump. If a pressure difference occurs in the system when the centrifugal pump is not running, the liquid can still pass through the pump's open impeller

Centrifugal pumps are categorised into different groups: Pumps with radial flow, mixed flow and axial flow. Radial pumps and semi-axial pumps are the most common types. Different requirements for the performance of a centrifugal pump, especially lifting height, flow and installation, as well as requirements for economical operation are just a few of the reasons why there are so many types of pump.

We sell and advise on centrifugal pumps

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