SAER Elettropompe

SAER has over 60 years of experience in the international market and is a leading Italian company in the production and supply of centrifugal and drilling pipe pumps. SAER specialises in centrifugal pumps offering 360-degree targeted solutions as well as the highest level of flexibility and innovation. Using advanced design and constant research and development activities, they produce and deliver their high Italian quality products quickly and safely throughout the world.

SAER Drill Pipe Pumps at RH Pumper

SAER centrifugal pumps and drill pipe pumps are used for:

  • water wells
  • thought
  • Water supply
  • pumping stations
  • basins
  • irrigation
  • firefighting.

SAER pumps are used throughout industry, utilities and residential properties
Material: Cast iron, AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel, acid-free and marine bronze.
Size: from 4" to 18"
Power engine size: from 3.07 to 350 KW

Handling all tasks within centrifugal pumps and drill pipe pumps

Choosing the right pump for industrial use can be a complex work, and it is crucial that you work with a company with the right technical expertise. RH Pumper is a market leader in technical consultancy of pump selection, and over the last 20 years, we have carried out a wide range of tasks within pump solutions, and our staff has extensive knowledge and know-how. This ensures that our customers receive the best advice when choosing centrifugal pumps or submersible drill pipe pumps.

We customize our service to each customer's needs and the individual tasks, and naturally we can join you in the planning process if you want proffossinal and competent feedback for your pump projects. We deliver the full set of equipment at the construction site, and when the project has been completed, we'll pick up everything again. If you need maintenance or monitoring of your cenrifugal or drill pipe pump along the way, we are also happy to assist.

Centrifugal pumps and drill pipe pumps from a quality-conscious supplier

Of course, it is isessential that your centrifugal pumps and drill pipe pumps are reliable and stable – whether they are to be used for water drilling, irrigation, water supply or something completely different. RH Pumper cooperates with Italian SAER, who has more than 60 years of experience in the field, and today they are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of centrifugal and drilling pipe pumps on the international market.

SAER's advanced designs ensure reliable products, while RH Pumper's experience and knowledge, ensures that you receive a targeted pump solution customised to your needs and the specific project. We are known for our high level of service and we offer technical consultancy for in order to the select the most optimal and stable solutions – in connection with day-to-day operations and in connection with more complex projects.

We offer proffossinal and competent consultancy

RH Pumper are always ready to provide advice on centrifugal and drill pipe pumps and other pump solutions. We offer non-binding bids. Also, we ensure fast delivery in order to limit down time in your production as far as possible. Contact us: +45 5850 6065.

Download radial drill pipe pumpsdata sheets :

4" NS-95, NS-96 and FS-98

6" NR-151 AND NO-152

8" NR-201

10" NR-250

Download axial drill pipe pumps data sheets:

4" NS-95

6" S-151

8" S-181

10" S-252 AND S-253

12" S-302

14" S-350