We solve all bypass pumping projects

Our bypass pumping department solves any pump issues of short or longer duration. We supply, commission, monitor - and collect the equipment again once the project is finished. Bypass pumping – at more than 1,000 litres/second, back-up pumps, high-water alarm via text, advanced management, 24-hour monitoring and on-call management amongst other things. . We are one of the few companies in Denmark who have the equipment and expertise to solve any type of issue.

Telemetry monitoring is standard on all bypass pumping projects

You can follow telemetry monitoring via a log, observe how many times the pump has started, and when, during the course of the day, and also see the total pumping time for each pump over a 24-hour period.

The monitoring capability, which can be set individually, offers the opportunity to follow the status of the pumps, any eventual alarms and to adjust the curve monitor as desired.

All the information can be exported for use in reports or statistics etc.


Bypass pumping undertaken in connection with relining conduits for wastewater in the supply sector is one of our strongest areas of expertise.

We have worked on many exciting bypass pumping projects in the relining process. From small pump jobs with slurry pumps down to just 2” to the largest and most complicated bypass pumpings. In this area, we have crossed both rail lines and motorways with several transmissions of 650 mm pipes and services of over 1,100 litres per second.


We have all the equipment:

Centrally located warehouse
ready for town or country areas
pumps in all sizes
electric pumps mounted on skids
motor pumps
easy transportation

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Pumping up slurry from channels, ports, bridge construction and from industrial projects

Here we have used Toyo pumps with flushing which RH Pumper import. 10 nozzles which spray at the base of the pump down into the medium which consequently dissolves and disappears into the Toyo pump. After which the medium is pumped into a centrifuge or drainage system. This method is particularly effective when the pump operates directly in the slurry which is to be pumped away.

The pump which handles the spray pressure is a Pioneer pump with a 700 hp diesel engine which ensures that we deliver 140 litres/second at 15 bar. This water pressure dissolves any bodies before the pump’s external agitator is activated which sends the slurry and dry material directly into the pump and is pumped away. Classic Danish bypass pumping.

The pumps have always been carefully selected based on long experience where generally we have tried to pump both very complicated medium / slurry or otherwise it has been very difficult to get at. Subsequently it has been possible to pump it out in situations such as from under drilling rigs, at bridge supports, deep inside pipes, under bascule leafs in harbours, oil sludge at refineries and dredging during cable laying at off-shore windfarms.

For us bypass pumping is equally important. Whether it’s a small job involving bypass pumping small drains, larger tasks requiring 24-hours manned monitoring on site or if bypass pumping is to be undertaken remotely via a web camera and/or full SRO installation.

We have pumped throughout Scandinavia, Germany, England and the Netherlands.

Mobile grate

We have just constructed a mobile grate in order to remove dry material from waste water. This grate has a capacity to take 1,000 litres a second with an opening of 4.5 mm. The grate is mounted on a 20” container, where there are two DN 500 inlets at one end and two DN 650 outlets at the opposite end. The grate is located in the middle and the water passes through the grate where all particles are removed and flow through the side through water pressure and finally drops into a screened solids container.

We can also offer 2 newly constructed large slurry drainage containers which we have used in our last project for a hydro test at Inter Terminals.

You always have the opportunity of having your task technically certified just, as we are also happy to offer quotes without any obligation on all types of pumping projects.


- with balloons which fit into square, oval or round pipes, lengthways or crossways or upright. We have balloons for all objects and all sizes. They are controlled by a compressor which sustains the pressure at a constant level and drains part of the pipe, which is being worked on.

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